2022 Upcycle Contest Winners Announcement – Vissla AU
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2022 Upcycle Contest Winners Announcement

The 2022 Vissla + Surfrider Foundation Upcycle Contest is a wrap! A major thanks to all of our participants for their thorough, innovative takes on turning waste into want in the form of shred-able, upcycled surfboards! This year's contest saw impressive entries from all over the world and a great leap in terms of functionality and modern surfboard design, as well as some notable entries from young creators and innovators.
A BIG congratulations to our winner, Korey Nolan, taking this year's win with a beautiful 10'0 Pig made with upcycled EPS medication cooler foam, a salvaged teak sandwich stringer, and a pass thru D fin and tail block using salvaged resin from a glassing room floor.
See full overview here.