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Cold Water Surfing with Vissla: Dive Deep with the Right Wetsuit

Vissla champions the creators, the innovators, and those who dare to ride the cold waves. But as any modern-day surfer knows, gear is crucial when temperatures drop. Choosing a wetsuit for cold waters means finding a perfect blend of warmth and agility. Here's our take on mastering cold water surfing with the perfect wetsuit.

Vissla's Guide to Cruising into Cold Waves:

The Thickness Talk

Cold waters scream for a thicker shield. Typically, a 5/4mm wetsuit works wonders. It's a simple math: 5mm on the torso to keep the heart warm, 4mm on the legs and arms for that killer paddle power.

For a detailed breakdown on water temperature and wetsuit thickness, checkout our wetsuit thickness chart.

Fit for Kings (and Queens)

Your wetsuit should move with you, not against you. It needs to be snug, not a straightjacket. It's about keeping warmth in and cold out, without feeling like you're in a wrestling match with neoprene.

True to the surfer's spirit, Vissla wetsuits don a tailored fit. Our engineered body lines are anatomically correct, ensuring you experience warmth without trading off performance.

Seams & Dreams

Sealed and taped seams are your best allies against the cold. Imagine a watertight sealant, locking in the warmth. These aren't just stitches; they're barriers against the cold's advance.

Triple glued and blind-stitched seams hold your Vissla suit together. This is complemented by Vissla’s super stretch Neo 3.0 tape, sealing seams without compromising stretch or comfort.

Extra Layers, Extra Love

For that ice-cold surf, go for wetsuits boasting additional insulation, especially around the chest and back.

Vissla wetsuits come with a full-body Thermal lining. The Fever Fiber lining brings that extra warmth, stretches as you move, and dries quickly. While your torso is pampered with this top-notch lining, your legs aren’t left out. They’re forged in Eco Fiber stretch thermal, striking a balance between warmth and flexibility.

Smoothy Panels on the back are Vissla’s answer to wind & water repellence. These panels are strategically placed, acting as barriers where you need them most against the cold.

Material & Durability

Our favourite word? Neoprene. Especially the super stretch kind. Flexibility and warmth are key. 

Vissla's wetsuits are crafted from 100% Super stretch Japanese limestone-based neoprene. Not only are these lighter, warmer, and softer, but they're incredibly stretchy. This makes the wetsuit easy to put on and offers unprecedented freedom while riding waves.

And for those intense rides, the knee pads, made from upcycled Supratex, bring together strength and flexibility. Rounding off the design are the liquid tape cuff seals ensuring no flushing happens at the cuffs.

Zipped Up

No Zip and Chest zippers offer mad flexibility. But if quick changes are your jam, a back zipper might just be your speed.

Design Details

Smooth skin panels, wind-resistant coatings, and built-in hoods can make or break a cold surf session. These are the game-changers, helping you face off with cold waves, looking and feeling epic.

Head To Toe Warmth

Cold doesn’t end at appendages. Make sure to include a hood, booties, and gloves in your gear so you’re warm throughout.


Give back to the waves that raised you by making eco-friendly choices. 

Vissla wetsuits are constructed of limestone based neoprene and water-saving dyes.

The Dope Dyed Fabric, crafted by Bluesign approved mills, isn't just about aesthetics. It's softer, eco-friendly, and boasts of an anti-fade stretch jersey. Laminated with AquaA water-based lamination, this fabric embodies eco-consciousness, giving you one more reason to sport Vissla with pride.

Vissla Pro Tip

Care for your wetsuit like it's your favourite surfboard. Rinse with fresh water, dry in the shade, and occasionally show it some love with specialised cleaners.

Cold Water Surfing, Perfected

Cold water surfing isn't just a challenge; it's a calling. With the right wetsuit, the oceans become a year-round playground.

Remember, it's more than gear; it's a pact between you and the waves. So, embrace Vissla's ride-anything mantra, gear up with insight, and dive deep into the cold embrace, confidently, warmly, and with unmatched style.