Cosmic Itamambuca – Vissla AU
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Cosmic Itamambuca

Vissla Cosmic Itamambuca 2016
October 22 and 23th, 8am - 4pm
Itamambuca, Brazil

Vissla is pleased to announce that we'll be taking the Cosmic series on the road to bring you the first ever Cosmic Itamambuca surf festival on October 22 and 23, at Itamambuca, Ubatuba, Brazil.

“The Cosmic Creek is less of a surf contest and more of a history lesson of our local surfing history & foundational roots, with boards and stories that were rarely heard outside our inner circle. To let kids ride classic, rare, vintage surf boards that are older than them, and gather the tribes young and old to swap ideas about eclectic surf craft. No other surfing event globally brings history and community out in such a feel good environment." - Eric Diamond, Event Founder

Itamambuca was chose because it’s part of brazilian history of surfing competitions. It was a stage of great performances in the past crowning lots of champions in a beautiful place surrounded of Atlantic forest.

Cosmic Itamambuca will bring this unique Cosmic vibe to Brazil. It will consist of a weekend surf contest open to the public, followed by a concert presented by Corona with live music of Salt Water Soul project at Pizzaria Padang with ex-CT surfer Teco Padaratz.

Sign-ups are available at Associação Ubatuba de Surf ( starting October 10th. R$50 entry fee for all divisions (except for PROs) and includes entry into the event, an event t-shirt, gift bag, water, fruit and Açaí from Brothers Açaí.

Sub 16, Sub 24, Sub 34, Sub 44 and Up 45, PROs, Creators & Innovators (shapers) and Bodysurfing (handplanes).

Cosmic Itamambuca is open to the public and a true gathering of legends, groms, craftsmen and storytellers. Cosmic has become a soulful grassroots eclectic surf gathering, a celebration of heritage and platform to swap ideas about surfboards, music and art.