Creators & Innovators: A Retrospective Vol. 1 – Vissla AU
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Creators & Innovators: A Retrospective Vol. 1

Introducing Creators & Innovators: A Retrospective Vol. 1

Vissla was born from a determination to reflect the living art and spirit of postmodern surf culture for a new generation. And since the journey of this brand began, we've forged our own path forward. A road less traveled. An inspired alternative to the status quo guided by a group of surfing's most progressive and uncommon characters. We refer to these forward-thinking folks as Creators & Innovators, and they inspire our open-minded approach to product while keeping us directly connected, both in and out of the water. By building this atmosphere, the brand continues to take bold steps forward, resulting in an ever-evolving product line that delivers style and substance in equal measure.

The Creators & Innovators: Retrospective Vol. 1 chronicles the first 2 years into our mission to showcase the future of surf culture.

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