High Five | Lowers – Vissla AU
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High Five | Lowers

High Five | Lowers by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein.

Photo 1
According to the Internet, Lowers was discovered by Lorrin "Whitney" in 1933. In 1942, the Marine Corps cut off access to the beach where you were arrested or shot for trespassing. In 1971, President Richard Nixon helped created the San Onofre State Park allowing the public to enjoy this gem of a wave without military harassment. Currently, in 2018, you will find a crowd of 50+ surfers jockeying for waves on a good day. It's gonna be nice when those time machines are invented. Just hope there's room to bring a board...

Photo 2
This wave is famous for it's peak that runs along a cobble stone shore. Take a peek and see for yourself.

Photo 3
From morning to night there is always someone in the water at Trestles. Here the sun has set and the after glow is firing up the sky with a baker's dozen searching for their bacon cronut.

Photo 4
This afternoon was so perfect. Driving up the offramp I quickly grabbed my camera to shoot this set. Does the law about hands free include digital cameras or is it just cell phones?

Photo 5
Watching, up on the hill, while the last few sets roll in after the sun goes down and the wind has died on a proper south swell – this is one of my favorite places to be in San Clemente. It's also a happy place for blood thirsty mosquitos who always seem to ruin my moment.