Holiday 2016 Collection | Island South – Vissla AU
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Holiday 2016 Collection | Island South

Vissla Holiday 2016 Collection
Island South

The adventure began as an idea in their minds. They’d been scoring some epic el Niño swells at home, but they came at the high price of social media spot blowouts, crowds, and angry girlfriends. Eric, Bryce, and Brendon needed to get out and away. They were excited to go somewhere more pure, somewhere raw and desolate. The boys spun a globe, looked at the charts and dialed in their location. They didn’t know what to pack as they heard the weather can switch at the drop of a hat, so they grabbed every-thing from tee shirts to warm jackets and beanies, a few wetsuits, a melodica and guitar to play music, skateboards and Bryce’s trusty asyms, keeping in mind the variety of conditions bound to greet them when visiting the bottom of the world.

Flying in they got their first vision of a mystical land with its rolling green hills speckled with golf balls (they later found out were sheep), an emerald blue ocean with white water erupting against the dark rigid coastline, and countless nooks, with potential for some amazing waves. Over the next 8 days the boys awoke early and loaded the 4x4 truck filled with boards, they blasted around the windy country roads with excitement in their eyes, eager to get a peek at what epic setup lie around the next corner.

The crew was divided by taste, where Bryce, like a fine wine was after the more refined things, pristine point breaks to high line and arc, and well-groomed 6’ peaks. While EG and Beeg where after something a bit more destructive, something they could beat and smash like a head high on-shore ramp! Collectively their surfing was like a song with beautiful high and low notes blending together to make the perfect melody. A melody that was food for the soul and bliss to the eyes to any that lay witness.

Eric is always moving! If he’s not surfing, he’s skating if he’s not skating, he’s playing guitar or filming with his handy cam and later selling as black mail. Dominated mainly by the right side of his brain there is never a dull moment. The three of them constantly moving wouldn’t forget to stop for coffee. Armed with triple-shot flat whites to stay warm and completely juiced! The wind was frigid and would blow and boys would babble back at the wind with dragon blood flowing through their souls and minds, or maybe just the coffee that made them feel this sense of aliveness.

They were accepted into this new land by the locals, both human and animals alike. Surfing with seals that looked like lions and greeted on the beach by penguins. After experiencing the nirvana that had taken place in this foreign land the boys took a moment, stopped and looked at each other in disbelief and questioned, ‘Could this be real?’

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