Josiah Amico in 'Shift Change' – Vissla AU
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Josiah Amico in 'Shift Change'

Creator & Innovator Josiah Amico proves working full time isn't an excuse for not being able to surf this good.
Watch him put in work at his second job in his new edit 'Shift Change.'

"The sessions in the edit were filmed in between work, bouncing back and forth from there to surfing, which is why we called this little short 'Shift Change'. Like anyone, I'm just trying to make the most of my time in the water. I hope younger surfers know that you can do both, and never feel like you have to give up on surfing because of a job! It also gives you a greater appreciation for each session, and as I’ve grown into adulthood have definitely been enjoying surfing even more!" ––Josiah


Edit by Mini Blanchard
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