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Nat Young's 'Church of the Open Sky' Book Tour



'For the past forty years or so, ever since my meeting with surfing pioneer Tom Blake, who I believe was the first to coin the phrase –The Church of the Open Sky, I have never hesitated to tell anyone who asks that I am a member,' writes Young in the opening chapter of the book.


'Church of the Open Sky' is Young's seventh book. With a foreword by Pulitzer-winner William Finnegan, it features well-crafted, highly entertaining stories and anecdotes, including can't-miss tales about traveling through Afghanistan and Nepal in 1972 with enfant terrible Miki Dora, how low rail, -edge boards- came to be, and how one day at San Onofre in 1983 with Tom Blake got him to reconsider how he perceives surfing.


'I have never thought of surfing as a sport – not a traditional sport, anyway,' writes Nat. 'It's not something you do casually, like playing a round of golf with your mates on weekends. It's much more of a drug, a lifestyle, a religion.'" –[Stab


Candid and wryly observed, Church of the Open Sky explores what it means to be a surfer, with a collection of true stories of Nat's surfing life – and the friends, foes and heroes he's met along the way.


Join us at one of our stops along the coast to snag a book and hear some of the stories of Nat's surfing life from the man himself.




**West Coast Book Tour Dates**

November 11 - Vissla store - Huntington Beach - 4-6 PM

November 12 - California Surf Museum - Oceanside - 6-9 PM

November 13 - Surfing Heritage Museum - San Clemente - 6-9 PM

November 14 - Hobie - Laguna Beach - 5-7 PM

November 15 - Hansens - Encinitas - 4-6 PM

November 17 - Val Surf - LA - 4-6 PM

November 18 - MadeWest Brewery - Ventura - 6-9 PM

November 19 - Beach House - Santa Barbara - 4-6 PM

November 20 - Wavelengths - Morro Bay - 4-6 PM

November 21 - Santa Cruz Board Builders Guild - Santa Cruz - 4-6 PM

November 22 - Proof Lab - Mill Valley - 4-6 PM