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New Wave Vision

Creator & Innovator Hayden Cox recently hosted a launch party for his newest endeavor called "New Wave Vision," a book about "creating something," as described by Hayden.

The event was held at retail store, Saturdays NYC, and there was a palpable feeling of creation and passion in the air the whole night.

New Wave Vision is a book about creating something. It is experience driven, not a how-to, without glossing over the harsh realities, lessons and challenges faced when backing yourself and building from the ground up. It shares Hayden's personal experiences spanning nearly 20 years as a young person in business - having started the brand at 15 years of age - with the work far from finished.

From DIY logo printing in the early days, to launching and patenting a new technology, near bankruptcy, defending trademarks, expanding internationally into 70 countries, high profile collaborations, awards and a worldwide best selling product. It’s not about reaching a destination, but everything in between, sharing experiences and the great discontent. It includes real insight from some of the world's most influential business minds including Noel Gordon, co-founder of Google Maps, skater Tony Hawk, Jim Jannard (Oakley), Dennis Paphitis (Aesop), fashion designer Karen Walker, and Paul Naudè of Vissla, D Blanc and Amuse Society.

Need to get your hands on a copy? You can now purchase "New Wave Vision" with free worldwide shipping. | @haydenshapes | Creator & Innovator Page