Road to Salvation | Episode 2 – Vissla AU
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Road to Salvation | Episode 2

Watch our boys Andrew Jacobson and Cam Richards in a new episode of Surfline's RV trip, Road to Salvation.

"What are the ingredients to a successful California road trip? More than three dudes, and an RV’s the way to go. A music festival – say, like CRSSD in San Diego — is a good start. Keeps everyone loose and balanced. Strolling the pier at Malibu? Check. Running lefts at Zuma? Yes, please. Chilly Ocean Beach peaks? Sure. And the salvation part? After a couple weeks on the road, this salty crew, consisting of Noah Wegrich, Curren Caples, Andrew Jacobson, Jake Anderson, Jake Kelley, Cam Richards, and Parker Coffin, finally luck into perfect combo swell and howling offshores somewhere south of Santa Barbara. Shack City. Redemption. Salvation." - Surfline