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Shop Talks | T&C Surf

T&C Surf, founded in 1971 by Craig Sugihara, has become one of the most iconic Hawaiian surf shops of our time. Converted from an old barbershop in Pearl City, T&C Surf has evolved into a multifaceted surf company and has solidified its passion as a worldwide industry icon.

Craig, a master shop owner, is one of the few exceptions in surfing culture who not only surfs, but who is also a creator and shaper of his own equipment. As his surfing skills improved, his interest in the anatomy of the surfboard and its impact on performance increased. This infatuation grew, and after much experimentation, Craig became one of the most noteworthy board shapers in Hawaii.

Today, T&C Surf serves as a hub for well-seasoned surfers, groms who are just getting into the sport, a shaper’s studio, and a home for many surfers who are on their team.

The team started as a group of surfer-shapers who pushed the limits of surfboard design. These influences included Mark Richards, Glenn Minami, and the Iconic Glen Pang. As boards began to evolve, so too did the surfing by the T&C team: Larry Bertlemann, Dane Kealoha, Marvin Foster, Matt Archbold, Christian Fletcher, Sunny Garcia, Ben Aipa, Johhny Boy Gomes, Chris Ward, Bobby Martinez, Shea Lopez, Kahea Hart, Martin Potter, and Ross Williams (do you recognize any of these names?!).

Over the years, as the team evolved to incorporate new surfers, one thing always remained the same: the motivation. The team, and T&C Surf as a whole, has always been driven by pure stoke for surfing and the Aloha to share the experience and lifestyle. These are things that they have upheld better than most others in the industry. How have they remained so true to their roots? Balance, as indicated by the quintessential YingYang logo. This balance has defined, and will continue to define, the evolution of T&C Surf.

We are honored to be able to work with and feature such a legendary shop like T&C Surf, enjoy!