Sound Biscuits | Jason Woodside – Vissla AU
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Sound Biscuits | Jason Woodside

In continuation of our new SOUND BISCUITS series, creator & innovator Jason Woodside brings us a fresh playlist with a variety of energies and sounds fit for painting, thawing in the sunshine post surf, or blurry, late night dancing with friends.

Artwork for our 'Sound Biscuits' series by Thomas Campbell.

What’s up Jason, how’s it going down in New Zealand?

Going great! Lots of waves, and lots of time in the studio. It’s great to travel again now they’re out of this covid thing so I’ve been going back-and-forth to Australia quite a bit to work on some boards, and some other painting projects.

We’re stoked to have just launched your latest collection with Vissla. Can you share a bit about how it came together?

I kind of wanted to highlight some pieces that were wearable, as well as express some elements of my work, like nature, movement and light. The darker/earthier tones with hits with bright fades is quite consistent with my current direction on a canvas level.

What kind of music have you been enjoying lately?

I’m kind of all over the place and I feel like I’ve been like that forever.

Would you say that music informs or inspires different aspects of your art?

Absolutely, it’s more music than anything else. Music is nostalgia and energy. It takes me back to my roots or I can put me in a headspace that’s super progressive and I think that’s a huge positive when approaching all genres of music.

What’s in this playlist?

This one’s sort of all over the place, a jumble of all emotions. I think if you were in my studio, there’s a chance you’d hear one of these songs. Some you might dig, and some you might not, but hopefully there’s one or two in there that trigger something.

What’s next? How’s the rest of your year looking?

Couple shows coming up, lots of studio time and a couple film projects. Continuing to push myself and making a few boards in between!

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