Vissla x Stab x Jason Woodside Party – Vissla AU
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Vissla x Stab x Jason Woodside Party



Thursday evening we headed up to Downtown LA to celebrate the launch of our Vissla x Jason Woodside Collaboration. Jason's artwork filled the walls of the gallery while an installation of inflatable shapes covered in his designs took up the center of the space.


Scroll through the gallery above for a glimpse of the hype and see below for what Stab had to say about it.




"Certain artists can be difficult. Socially awkward. Slightly arrogant on a high of their own work. Jason Woodside is the exception: pleasant and engaged.


...Amongst a surprising chill in Downtown LA, we honored Jason's newest collaboration with Vissla that included the much-talked-about Cortex Cruiser, an old Mercedes that Jason spray-painted in Joshua Tree and that Vissla is now giving away. This car stopped even the 9-5, Bluetooth-wearing, corporate desk jockeys that are known to haunt LA's culturally defined blocks.


Jason told us that surf collectors are coming from all sides to buy the vehicle, but Vissla and Jason are honoring their word with one lucky person winning this car over the course of the next month.


You may not know Jason, but you've surely seen his work from NYC to LA to Sydney. The guy is everywhere and it's no wonder why.


He graced last night's event in a $20 vintage, plaid sports coat that he recently purchased in NYC, shaking any fan's hand, staring them in the eye as they asked a question he's answered at least a dozen times, all while remembering their name and signing a print. On top of his creative qualities, this is why Jason's become a global artist – everyone who approaches him feels like they're having a conversation with an old friend.


We ate tacos and drank too many Calidad Cervezas and JuneShine hardbuchas to remember all the details, but you get the gist. It was a night honoring one man's fine work with beautiful people." –Stab