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Adolescents | Cam Richards

Let's clear the air: Cam Richards' name is familiar to you because he once used an insane social media prowess to nearly defeat Dane Reynolds to get a wildcard into a surf contest. If anything, it displayed the power of social media and how ridiculous it is at the same time. But it also set Cam up for potential failure: 15 minutes of fame and all that jazz. But...

Lucky for us, Cam continues to flair post-Reynolds duel. He's a fresh vibe for us: coming from South Carolina along the seriously fun East Coast of the USA, Cam has the opportunity to fill the mammoth void left by epic east coast legends like Ben Bourgeois, Hobgoods, Cory Lopez, Slater and a host of others who've gotten us psyched in the past. Now its Cam's turn and as you'll see, there's a goofy foot with a whip coming in hot. - What Youth