Checking In w/ Corban Campbell | #02 – Vissla AU
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Checking In w/ Corban Campbell | #02

It's been a while since we checked in with Vissla Surf Team Manager / Swiss Army Knife / World Traveller / Baby Sitter, Corban Campbell (Part 1 here). Amongst all his crazy travels and travel mishaps he's managed to keep his Yaschica T4 camera on him. How he still has it on him and it isn't in pieces is an anomaly.

Enough ragging on Mr. Corban...just sit back and enjoy a select number of photos from Puerto Rico and Panama. Stay tuned next time for an intense story on his trip to Nicaragua, when he came back to the states with part of needle fish lodged behind his eye and a pirate patch to compliment his beard....

Photos: Corban Campbell