Checking In w/ Corban Campbell | #03 – Vissla AU
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Checking In w/ Corban Campbell | #03

We know it as the annual pilgrimage to Hawaii. The surfing world descends on the landing strip of Honolulu for the North Shore season. To the outside world it may seem like the most exciting time, the world's best surfers catching the world's best waves, day in and day out. But for those that are there behind the scenes, it may not be as action packed as it seems. It's long days of passing time and eating poke bowls, waiting for the next swell, or the next clip, or the next photo. Luckily for our Team Manager (he does much more than that), Corban Campbell, he's got a camera that can fill that in-between swell void. He ordered up a new medium format camera online just before heading out to the island, no test rolls to see if the vintage piece of machinery would develop the desired results. Instead, Corbs went from photoshoot to photoshoot, crossing his fingers that his exposures of the Kinoshita's (Kazuma Surfboards), Eric Geiselman, Derrick Disney, Bryce Young, Kamalei Alexander and Cam Richards would come out halfway decent. Lucky for him, he found his new favorite camera, just take a flip through to see for yourself.


*Photos: Corban Campbell*