Checking In w/ Keoni Jones – Vissla AU
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Checking In w/ Keoni Jones

Checking in with Keoni Jones...

"This winter has been busy, with lots of swell and amazing sessions all up and down the north shore. The North Pac has been a spinning cauldron of waves so we've had a great mix of swells and conditions this past few months with more than a few amazing days at pipe, sunset, and even waimea. It's great to have so much swell in the water, because you really get to learn a lot about the breaks and what they like, even snag a barrel or few, hahaaaa! The silly circus crowd stuck thru the holidays, it hasn't been pretty. It's good tho, kinda been surfing outside the box, adventuring around, keeping it fresh, honing in. So really this winter's been great! I've been just filming near everyday and working part time remodeling homes. I really want to thank Vissla for their support, meaning more time in the water and getting foamy in the shaping room. I'm looking forward to the next few months, just locals, just all irie vibes live."