Checking In w/ Monty Tait – Vissla AU
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Checking In w/ Monty Tait

[Checking in]( with our Australian counterpart Monty Tait...

*"At the moment I have been really focusing on my surfing. I have been training hard both physically and mentally with my coach Matt Griggs, as well as having fun with my life. As I have a pretty hectic year I just wanted to get all the basics right before all my comps and trips I have planned. To do this my family and I went down the south coast of New South Wales, Australia and kind of lived under a rock for a couple of months (due to school holidays we could have this luxury) and just surfed and hung out with them.*

*These photos were taken whilst I was at home (Maroubra). There have been a few waves lately but no Fiji or Hawaii that's for sure. The shots were taken by Joe Canning who is a 15 yr old grom who froths out on photos."*