Checking In w/ Philip Goold – Vissla AU
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Checking In w/ Philip Goold

Checking in w/ the multi-talented woodworking surf rat from Virginia, Philip Goold.

"Between surfing and woodworking I've been keeping myself in constant motion. There has been some good surf around here the past few months, a few really fun scooped out sandbars from the winter storms. My woodworking hobby has kept me busy between surfs. I've really taken a liking to some local lumber, Walnut in particular. There are a few mills where you can sort through these giant slabs, just sliced from the tree. I've been psyched on working with these beauties, making bathroom vanities and large tables. There's a lot of opportunity for custom application for these slabs because of their unique shape. I've got my hands on a Watershot housing for my phone, to get my Clark Little on. I've been swimming out and getting sucked over, it's pretty incredible the photos you can get on your iPhone. I'm going to wrap it up, so I can go take part in the glorious buffet that's going on downstairs of this all inclusive hotel. I'm on Day 2 down here in Mexico at the moment. Pretty sure it's margarita night too haha."