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Checking in w/ Zak Condon




We recently checked in with Australian Creator & Innovator Zak Condon after getting some epic waves in Fiji. Here's what he had to say about the trip and some photos of the waves he scored.




"I wasn't able to go on an earlier trip to Cloudbreak with my brother Luke as I was still trying to get my injured shoulder right. He ended up scoring so I had been watching the forecast and was keen to do another trip with him.


When we saw the next swell we called up filmer Mikey (Mallmic) and we got flights ready and accommodation sorted. We were pretty much packed to go in mid July but the swell coincided with a big grom comp in my home town (Skullcandy Oz Grom Open presented by Vissla) and I was commentating. So we ended up not going and it turned out to be the right call as the swell was on the verge of too big and it way too windy.


The next swell in August looked mental – three swells back to back, so we were confident we would get some good windows even if it was a bit windy. We got on the phone and organised Mikey again as well as our young buddy from Lennox, Jai Glinderman. This swell was coming off a low down near Tasmania and heading straight to Fiji. LSD (shaper Luke Short) had dropped off three step ups and I was hoping like hell the forecast didn't change too much. This time it looked like the period was better.


So we hit the go button. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get there from Australia. We had our accommodation in a local village and it was super cool hanging with the local kids. We took up a heap of older clothes for them and the boat drivers and others in the village.


The first couple of days were really solid but really windy. I am not going to lie I was pretty scared. One of the days was solid 12ft and you needed a jetski. Laird Hamilton and his mate Benny were the only ones out with myself and Luke, but they were on foils. Those guys are maniacs but they were so good checking on us and making sure if we needed anything and about a minute later I copped a four-wave set on the head – I wasn't exactly frothing on that.


We ended up staying for a while and there were a few moments of magic but it wasn't until the last two days it turned on with zero wind and 6ft-10ft waves. It's such an amazing wave and pretty hard to describe to be honest, but when your inside it feels like you could fit a few parked buses sitting sideways in there – haha. But getting stuck on that inside is not fun when its pumping.


The local family we stayed with were amazing and I am still tripping on how friendly they are and how much they looked after us. I will definitely be going back on the right swells!!!"


-Zak Condon


*Photos: Stuart Johnson and Scot Winer *