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Cosmic Creek 2016 Board Brochure

Board Brochure | Vissla Cosmic Creek 2016
Your Guide to the Wild Rides On Tap

Vissla is pleased to announce the 15th Annual Cosmic Creek surf festival!

The Cosmic Creek is a retro-style surf experience paying homage to an earlier era on May 21st and 22nd at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, California. Come enjoy a journey back to the alternative, more experimental time of the 1970’s. A place where surfboards ruled the shops, when shapers were gurus, and surfing had a mystical soul about it.

Back to the roots of where it all began. As you draw out your bottom turn and gently lean on the tail, the 70’s Cosmic single fin shifts into gear forcing you to shift forward, set your line, and let your style shine on.

From Simmons, Lis, to Reno and MR.... The Cosmic Twin Fin’s are all about speed! Some are fishes that track down the line, while other’s can snap a turn at any moment. The twin fin is all about generating momentum, and having a blast in the process.

“The Cosmic Creek is less of a surf contest and more of a history lesson of our local surfing history & foundational roots, with boards and stories that were rarely heard outside our inner circle. This contest allows kids to ride classic, rare, vintage surfboards that are older than them. The event gathers the tribes young and old to swap ideas about eclectic surf craft. No other surfing event globally brings history and community out in such a feel good environment”
- Eric Diamond, Event Founder

For a schedule of events and more information on Cosmic Creek head here