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Covert Collection

Introducing Jeff McCallum and the Covert Collection - featuring premium all black, logo-less product.

Surfing’s most influential artists aren’t just the highly skilled practitioners pushing progression in the airspace above the lip or deep in the shadows of a barreling reef break. The evolutionary arc of surfing has always been tied to the craftsmen in the workshop; covered in foam dust laboring over ideas and instincts that might unlock the next milestone in surfboard innovation. Without these guys, none of us would be here. And that’s why, since day one, Vissla has recognized the impact and influence of not just progressive surfers but cutting-edge shapers as well. And in our estimation, there’s no better example of a Creator & Innovator than San Diego-based master board-maker Jeff McCallum. His retro-inspired designs blur the lines between past and present, artfully merging the traditional with the experimental to create authentic and original rides perfectly in line with the Vissla ethos. Working with Jeff was yet another enlightening experience for our crew. To compliment our Covert Collection, he created special quad fishes that are a quintessential McCallum original; a classic silhouette imbued with mysterious powers of performance.

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