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Creators & Innovators Podcast: Furrow Surfcraft





Did you hear we've got our very own podcast on Surf Splendor network!?

Surf Splendor, hosted by David Lee Scales, is a podcast network devoted to conversations about surfing. Each month we’ll seek to distill the character traits, motivations, and daily rituals of creatives in hopes of developing a blueprint for how to disrupt norms and innovate in one’s own space.

We kicked off the first episode of our Creators & Innovators podcast with an illuminating conversation with Cliff Kapono about how the ocean informs our worldview. In our second episode, we chat with Christine Brailsford Caro of Furrow Surfcraft about how her early experiences as an artist and her desire to repurpose materials positioned her to help innovate a burgeoning surfboard design that could alter the way waves are ridden.

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To supplement Ep. 002, we've collected surfboard reviews from podcast listeners who own and ride Christine’s hand-shaped boards. Christine chimes in with design detail for each board and then shares about her recent experience riding an air mat, her board of choice that she’d order from any shaper on the planet, and what she’s currently riding. Press play below to listen!
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