Creators & Innovators Podcast: The Shapers Shack, Pt. 1 – Vissla AU
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Creators & Innovators Podcast: The Shapers Shack, Pt. 1



Before jumping into the episode, let's rewind back to the Vissla Sydney Surf Pro in February where The Shapers Shack came to life. For the second year in a row we built a pop-up shaping bay on the promenade above North Steyne Beach at Manly, NSW Australia during the Vissla Sydney Surf Pro. The idea behind the buildout being that while competitors pop off air reverses in the soft beachbreaks, shapers could work away in the shack, connect with other foam mowers and ground the event in true surf culture simply by working on their craft in a public space.


With all of the talent that rotated through this shack, we now bring you Part 1 of The Shapers Shack: a four-part series featuring discussions with some of Australia's finest surfboard shapers. From inventing the thruster to developing renewable materials, incorporating artificial intelligence into shaping and scaling a global business, these shapers share their blueprint and speculate on the future. Tune in to this weeks episode featuring Simon Anderson, Nick Blair, Sam Tehan, and Finn Whitla.








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