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Field Trip | Indo

Spring 2016 Collection | Indo Field Trip

People say there’s showers in April, but what about all those April rays? All that new, rejuvenating, youthful sunshine that pokes its head out of the door after a winter of overcast skies? Indeed, the Springtime is a brighter, more vibrant season, one where swells from two different hemispheres travel toward each other like long lost loves, bouncing into islands scattered across great oceans. Cam Richards, Eric Geiselman and Bryce Young decided to travel like those very swells in Spring to one of those very islands in the South Pacific. The three young men were wild fans of Spring’s dresscode and vibe. That is to say fans of boardshorts, warm tropical waters, bright noon-day suns and, well, meaty deep-blue waves. Lo and behold, they found an island where Springtime seemed to be the only season around. A lush, pristine place where the three found various reefs that delivered waves of amazing caliber. Spitting pits, canvas-like walls for brush-stroke carves, elastic ramps to hoist slob-airs from. Thus, the boys indulged, lost in this secret island’s eternal Springtime limbo. It is the best of seasons to get lost in, really.

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Photos: Kenny Hurtado