For The Love | Danny Hess – Vissla AU
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For The Love | Danny Hess

What Youth features Creator & Innovator Danny Hess in the latest episode of For The Love presented by Vissla.

It was probably 10 years ago when we first caught wind of Danny Hess and the wooden surfboards he was making. Dan Malloy had one. And he couldn’t stop raving about them. Then I had some rather influential friends ask about them by name. Like he had developed a cult following overnight and you could only talk about getting one of his boards under the cover of darkness and you had to know somebody. Needless to say, we were interested. Since then Danny has gone on to produce some of what we’ll confidently say are the modern conditions most beautiful surfboards. Made of wood.

His shop in San Francisco is very cool to check out. The handmade details. The smell. The location. It all feels right. Danny continues to epitomize what it is to find your craft and become a real artisan in your field. Sparing no detail. Meaning there aren’t many of these made a week. But we couldn’t support that more. - What Youth