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Hayden Cox | Surf Shacks by Indoek

"If you are a surfer and don’t know who Hayden Cox is by now, well, you should.

Shaper, designer and founder of Haydenshapes, he has singlehandedly revolutionized the shaping industry with his patented FutureFlex, stringerless technology and created the world’s most popular surfboard design ever: the Hypto Krypto. All this before the age of thirty five.

Progression and innovation are two words that immediately come to mind when trying to describe Hayden, the surfboards he designs, and pretty much the way he lives every facet of his life. His recently renovated home in Palm Beach, just north of Sydney is a perfect example of this. It is a modern home overlooking the water that reflects his passions for technology, efficiency, design and minimalism.

Hayden has worked harder than most to get to where his is today, so it is refreshing to see that strong work ethic paying off for such an honest and humble prodigy."

-- Indoek

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