High Five | France Part I – Vissla AU
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High Five | France Part I

The sixth of the High Five series by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein -- an adventure to France.

Photo 1
France is home to some of the best beaches in the world. This colorful fall morning was big and on the verge of out of control but things changed. There is so much water moving on the tide swings that if you see it and it’s good it’s to late.

Photo 2
This place, where the old World War II bunkers fill the line up, has some powerful waves. Can’t image seeing an attack boat making it to shore in one piece on a swell.

Photo 3
The weather in France is amazing. Rainy and cold one day to sunny and hot the next. The purple hues in the evening is very different from the California gold I’m used to.

Photo 4
Another sand bar another barreling right baguette. You can find these things everywhere along the miles of endless beach.

Photo 5
This was taken during the world tour contest at La Graviere, Hossegor in 2015. The sand bar came alive for the last few heats of the day and the locals came out to witness the magic.