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High Five | Indonesia

High Five | Indonesia by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein.

Photo 1
Indonesia is a surfer's paradise and after exploring one of the islands outside of Bali I realize it's a surf photographer's paradise too. There are so many backgrounds and foregrounds to work with in framing your images. This image was shot in the morning where the sun illuminated just the water making the jungle look dark and mysterious.

Photo 2
The swim out to this wave took a while but well worth the effort with perfect left runners lining up this reef point as only 3 tube hunters waited patiently and politely for their turn in the line-up. Who am I kidding, there were actually 30+ aggressive surfers catching anything and everything that resembled a ripple. I love shooting line-ups because it can tell such a different story from reality.

Photo 3
Here is another rare but beautiful image of an unridden wave at this particular spot. It took us about 48 hours of traveling to get here and we were not expecting how many other excited travelers would be waiting to great us. You know what they say, "Great minds think alike!".

Photo 4
Plane rides, boat rides, car rides and scooter rides were all involved in making of this photo. Without all this vehicle technology waves like this would not be accessible to the surf tourists like myself. A big shout out to the Wright brothers for inventing human flight, Ole Evinrude for inventing the boat motor, Gottlieb Daimler for developing the motorized two wheeler and Karl Benz for inventing the automobile.

Photo 5
Another empty tubing wave with some interesting foreground and background. Yes, this is Indo, hope you enjoyed it!