High Five | Maui Wowie – Vissla AU
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High Five | Maui Wowie

High Five | Maui Wowie by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein

Photo 1
I was on Oahu in 2016 to shoot the Eddie, but it didn’t run because the swell wasn’t big enough. We ended up in Maui to chase the swell at Jaws. It was such an amazing experience to see these large, ridable, liquid mountains peaks. I didn’t realize how perfect this wave was, and if you squint hard enough while blocking out the boats in the foreground, it looks like a dang good time.

Photo 2
Jaws is scary because the sets seem to pop up out of nowhere. And when this freight train comes though the line-up and kills your imaginary self, you find out that even mind-surfing this wave is dangerous.

Photo 3
If watching the big wave demi-gods isn’t your cup of tea, this side of the island has a lot more options for the mere mortals. And if you know the right people, you can find head high tubes with nobody out.

Photo 4
Growing up in the 90s, the magazines brought awareness to different surf spots from around the world. During my youth, there were only few photos that truly inflamed my passion for seeking out waves. Like a groom waiting for his bride, Honolua Bay has always had a place in my heart. I’m excited to say she was worth the wait, and the honeymoon was oh so sweet!

Photo 5
It’s not polite to stare but what would you do if an 8 foot blue monster came running across your path? You take a deep breath, look it right in the eye and admire every glorious feature. Did I mention Maui is a magical place…