High Five | Running with The Panama Bull – Vissla AU
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High Five | Running with The Panama Bull

High Five | Running with The Panama Bull by Vissla photographer Jeremiah Klein.

Photo 1
I've never seen so much rain in my life. The upside was the rainbows in between squalls. There was a twenty minute window this day where the sun popped, the colors beamed and the green empties were photogenic.

Photo 2
The scariest wave in Panama is pictured here. The water moves so fast that if you wipe out you get dragged along these underwater currents that hold you down. When it comes to waves sometimes high risk equals high reward.

Photo 3
The first day of our mission we went to a beach break with extra round barrels. This was the smallest day of swell before the 20 year storm came in. We came back here on the last day of our trip and the beach was completely gone with the trees floating in the ocean.

Photo 4
Sometimes the back of the wave is more interesting than the front. It's more mysterious and leaves the mind in wonder about the other side.

Photo 5
Nobody out? That's what it look like but behind this perfect left are about 20 surfers and behind this boat is another 10 getting ready to paddle out. Even in crowded surf there are moments of solitude.