Pedro's Bay World Premiere Recap – Vissla AU
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Pedro's Bay World Premiere Recap

Last Thursday night was the World Premiere of Pedro's Bay at The Port in Corona Del Mar, CA.

Vissla Team Manager Corban Campbell and the Director Edgar Obrand gave a raw introduction to the film, with film stars and co-creators by their side.
The magical journey of "Pedro's Bay' began, and the crowd was transported to a mystical island full of Mermaid Lagoons and Mushroom Forests... Everyone went along for the ride.
As the film ended, we came back to reality, and when we thought we couldn't feel the magic anymore, we were proven wrong with the music of Cat Signs.
They put on the 'rocking-est' of rock shows, getting everyone to their feet.

Do you feel like you missed out? Don't worry. Visit to catch a premiere near you.

Pat Nolan
Jason Naude