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Q+A with Hoffman California Fabrics

We recently visited the legendary Hoffman California Fabrics warehouse and got to chat with the man behind the empire, Walter Hoffman. Watch as he takes us through a bit of history and how they became the source of all the Hawaiian prints we got to know.

Hoffman California Fabrics has been in business since 1924 and have employed arguably the best print artists in the world over the years. We rummaged through their seeming endless archives and pulled some incredible prints dating back to the 1970's. If the past is remembered through rose-tinted lenses, as the saying goes, then the 70's will forever harken a psychedelic shade. Indeed that time in surf history was brighter, groovier, more colorful, more fun. The kids experimented with fins, keels and vee and strayed from convention because there was freedom in the air.

In collaboration with Hoffman California Fabrics, we celebrate the retro-rainbow-rider hiding somewhere deep down inside of us all.

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