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Q+A with Tomas King

Tomas King is quickly making a name for himself as a stand out among the deep talent pool coming out of Costa Rica in recent years. He was born and raised in the small beach town of Tamarindo in the state of Guanacaste. He spent some time finishing up high school in Southern California, but now he’s back in Costa Rica, enjoying the fruits of his native surf blessed paradise. At the ripe age of 21 he’s traveling around the world full-time on the QS in hopes of qualifying for the “Dream Tour.” We caught up with him at his home in Tamarindo after a stint on the road.

You’ve been traveling a lot lately for the QS. Must be nice to have some time at home?
The past couple years I've been chasing the QS and its definitely not easy. Always stressed about making flights and everything. For some reason when you have to be somewhere at a certain time it never works out haha…a problem always pops up along the way.

You live in a tropical paradise, does it ever get hard to leave?
It's always hard leaving home honestly. Everywhere I go I compare it to home. It's hard not to compare it because its such a paradise here. I always find myself saying "Wow, this looks like Costa but still not as good." Haha

So how are you able to deal with the stress that comes with all the travel on the QS?
I just bring Pura Vida everywhere I go.

We hear people say Pura Vida a lot in Costa Rica. What does that mean to you?
Pura Vida means a lot...it can be anything from respect to a simple greeting. I use it in many ways but the most significant is the pura vida lifestyle! Simple, respectful, thankful, generous.

You grew up in CR and you went to finish High School in Huntington Beach. What are the biggest differences between CR and CA?
I actually only went to California for junior and senior year as an exchange student. It was definitely a culture shock...Everything here in Costa Rica is slow and as we say Pura Vida. Once you're in the USA everything is the fast life. Everyone is always looking to be better, make more money, have better cars, have a better job... I adapted pretty well to a certain degree…Being in California helped my surfing because more people surf there and there are better surfers my age and everyone is hungry. I love California and I have a ton of friends there and I love to visit…but I couldn't live there. Once I graduated I wanted to get out of there and come back home as soon as possible.

What’s your everyday home break?
My everyday break at home would be Playa Grande or Playa Langosta.

Favorite wave in Costa?
My favorite waves would have to be around the Witches Rock area… so many good waves that not very many people surf.

Best wave you’ve ever surfed?
J-Bay for sure.

Dream trip?
My dream trip would definitely be going to the Mentawais with some friends and a film crew and score some sick waves.

Best trip you’ve been on recently?
The last trip I just went on to the Caribbean was really fun. Good waves, good friends, and good vibes.

What kind of training program are you on?
Lately I've been training just a regular functional training and I've also really been into Jiu Jitsu.

Cheeseburger and Coke or Quinoa and a Smoothie?
I would say both. Sometimes Burger and Coke or sometimes Quinoa and Smoothie.

Tica or Gringa?
Tica for sure, they have the Latina flare.

Pilsen or Imperial?
Pilsen 100%! It's the least commercial beer. Imperial is the poster beer haha.

Photos: Manfred J. Rodriguez & Jeremiah Klein