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The Mahoa Project

The Mahoa Project

Imagine the warehouse of a man who has been shaping surfboards for forty years. Foam dust scattered in every space amidst hundreds of miscut surfboard blanks. This is the warehouse of Town & Country shaper Glenn Pang.

Instead of deeming the foam unusable, surfer Kamalei Alexandar went to Glenn's warehouse, and he, along with Glenn, Kenoi Watson, and Vince De La Pena came up with an idea... Shape the miscut blanks into usable surfboards, and donate the finished product to kids who could not afford to buy their own.

The idea turned to reality when Town & Country and Vissla provided the glassing supplies, and Kamalei was able to shape and glass 18 boards to give away at the Rell Sunn Menehune Surfing Championships at Makaha Beach in Hawaii.

The Rell Sunn is not as much a competetion, as it is a day where the community gathers to share their love of surfing.
And the Mahoa Project helped spread that love even further, gifting kids with surfboards, and allowing a new generation to be a real part of the surfing community.

"We get these blanks out of the rafters, and out of the dust, and give them a new life." That, is the Mohoa Project.