Vissla Cosmic Creek 2016 Recap – Vissla AU
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Vissla Cosmic Creek 2016 Recap

The 2016 Vissla Cosmic Creek Surf Festival was not only a weekend filled with good vibes, rocking music, great surfing, retro surfboards, and stoking beach-goers… It was also two days that paid homage to the surf culture of the 70’s and 80’s.

Surfing in the 70’s and 80’s was known for its free spirit and experimentation, both of which were very much alive at the Cosmic Creek. Kids who were born in the last decade were able to try boards that pre-existed them by 40+ years, millennials could ride boards that their parents raved about, and the “oldies” relived their glory days on the vintage sticks. No matter what age, everyone at Salt Creek Beach had contagious good vibes.

The excitement didn’t just involve surf, however… Wooden structures adorned with prints found on Vissla’s coconut boardshorts lined the beach, each housing a different activity. In one structure was Stumptown Coffee Roasters and The Shwack Beach Grill, who provided free deliciousness to help all the attendees stay energized. In another was a demo-booth where anyone could test surfboards, DaFiN Made for Vissla Fins, and Danny Hess Handplanes. Needed some hydration? Zico Coconut Waters lived in another beach structure, ready to be grabbed. Other structures housed the Judges, where Cosmic Founder Eric Diamond was cracking jokes all day. And lastly, most importantly, there was the surfboard booth, which held all of the retro surfboards for the competitors to choose from before their heats.

As if the background noise of the ocean wasn’t enough, music tickled ears all weekend. After School Special (A.S.S.) rocked the beach, The Helmets were headbanging with special guest Robert Trujillo, Reverberation Radio provided psychedelic jams, Tamaryn warmed up the crowd with electric grooves, and the Allah Las put on a show that The Bluff at Salt Creek Beach had never seen before (and will probably never see again). Let’s just say waves weren’t the only things being surfed this weekend… Yep. Crowd surfing.

If you weren’t able to make it this year, don’t worry. Next year we’ll be back. You won’t want to miss it again.

Minnows (14 & Under)
1. Gus Day
2. Kai McPhillips
3. Sam Nelson
4. Niko Ripley
5. Callan Emery
6. Patrick O’Connor

Wave Snatchers (15-18)
1. Simon Hetrick
2. Josiah Amico
3. Bryce Mattox
4. Fisher Quigley
5. Noah Albrecht
6. Sam Neiger

Storm Riders (19-24)
1. E. Garret Blair
2. Christian Willerth
3. Blake Stelter
4. Johnathan Ross
5. Pierce Goldbeck
6. Justin Wilson

Crystal Voyagers (25-34)
1. Corban Campbell
2. Dane Ward
3. Mike Voegtlin
4. Eric Mehlberg
5. Blake Howard
6. Matt Smith

Morning of the Earth (35-44)
1. Scott Finn
2. Rod Brewster
3. Bobby Lockhart
4. Drew Todd
5. Rob McCarty
6. Gavin Haughey

Shaded Souls (45-54)
1. Vince De La Pena
2. Daniel Benjoya
3. Paul Cernich
4. Shane Miller
5. Richard Erkeneff
6. Ivan Connelly

Legends (55 & up)
1. Paul Naude
2. Glenn Pang
3. Phil Johnson
4. John McPherson
5. Daniel O’Donnell
6. Mike Peralta
7. Paul Thornsen

Creators & Innovators
1. Tyler Warren
2. Josh Sleigh
3. Jason Bennet
4. Dave Bohne
5. Tim Stamps
6. John Robertson

1. Nate Yoemans
2. Cam Richards
3. Eric Geiselman
4. Tyler Warren
5. Christian Fletcher
6. Dylan Graves