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Vissla Cosmic Hermosa 2016 Recap

Cosmic Hermosa 2016 Recap

The Pura Vissla vibes were alive and well, and the Cosmic surf Gods were feeling very generous for the 2nd Annual Cosmic Hermosa. Competitors in Vissla’s retro-style contest were met with glassy, 6-8 ft spitting peaks at Playa Hermosa from sun up to sun down in the tropical rain forest setting of Costa Rica. Every contestant of all ages, from the groms to the Masters, to the Pros got to experience threading original 70’s era single fins and twin fins through green Playa Hermosa tubes.

Every heat was filled with amazing rides and brutal wipeouts as competitors learned to ride the varied shapes in heavy beach break conditions. But the highlight performance of the day was reserved for the Pro final, when a stacked heat featuring Carlos Munoz, Derrick Disney, Cam Richards, Federico Pilurzu, Anthony Fillingim, and Angelo Bonomelli paddled out and put on an absolute clinic. The high-performance styles of Munoz and Fillingim were a contrast with Disney’s vintage style and Richards’ barrel riding approach. Pilurzu almost took the lead with a big frontside tube ride, followed by two massive power carves. But it was Fillingim who walked away with the 1st place trophy and prize money after stomping a huge double-grab air on a 70’s twin fin to seal the victory.

Living up to its billing as a vintage Surf Festival, the fun did not end after the final horn sounded on the beach. Everyone re-grouped and gathered at the Green Room in Jaco for the evening’s festivities presented by D’Blanc, which included the Awards Ceremony, the Costa Rican premiere of Vissla’s new film “Dream Steeple,” and a live performance by the local rock band Voodoo. The house was packed, with a surf-stoked buzz in the air. When Voodoo took the stage and started belting their vintage rock inspired tunes, the dance floor caught fire and raged straight through to the wee hours of the morning.

Cosmic Hermosa 2016 was an unforgettable experience for anyone who was fortunate enough to be there. Vissla is grateful for the support of Mango Surf Shop, Vista Hermosa Restaurant, the Green Room Cafe, and Rain Forest Water who helped make it all possible.

We can’t wait to see what the Cosmic Gods provide us next year, and we know you won’t want to miss it!

Wax Snatchers (16 & Under):
1. Miguel Zumbado
2. Neo Escaler
3. Isauro Elizondo
4. Aaron Ivarez
5. Gabriel Chacon

Crystal Voyagers (17-34):
1. Clayton Snyder
2. Thomas Lange
3. Jose Lopez
4. Eric Mehlberg
5. Enoc Santana
6. John Osborne

Shaded Souls (35+):
1. Thomas Lange
2. Ricardo Alfaro
3. John Osborne
4. Juan Bernini
5. Rudy Aizawa
6. Naoki Saito

Creators & Innovators:
1. Nicolas Fischer
2. Jefferson Tascon
3. Luis Vindas

1. Anthony Fillingim
2. Federico Pilurzu
3. Cam Richards
4. Carlos Munoz
5. Angelo Bonomelli
6. Derrick Disney