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Vissla + Hi-Tech + Lopez Surf Bash




The 26th annual Vissla + Hi-Tech + Gerry Lopez Surf Bash happened this past Saturday at Hookipa Beach Park, Maui. The competitors were meet with fun 2 to 4 foot surf, light winds, and plenty of island sunshine. Maui's finest duo, Father-Son Creators & Innovators Matt and Chaz Kinoshita of Kazuma Surfboards were on site giving a live board shaping demos throughout the day. The one day event ran smoothly thanks to HASA's support and winners were crowned in each of the events 9 divisions by the days end.


Vissla would like to extend a very special thank you to Kim Ball and all of the people of Maui who helped make the 26th annual Surf Bash one for the memory banks. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!


**Open Men**

Logan Bediamol

Cody Young

Ocean Macedo

Tyler Larronde

Eli Hanneman

Kelson Lau

Open Women

Brisa Hennessy

Summer Macedo

Savanna Stone

Sierra Larsen


**Boys 16-17**

Cody Young

Kelson Lau

Kala Wilard

Khristian Olsen


**Boys 14-15 **

Logan Bediamol

Conan Gentil

Spike Shannon

Marco Rista


**Boys 12-13**

Eli Hanneman

Ocean Macedo

Axel Rosenblad

Kayak Amar


**Girls Under 14**

Savanna Stone

Crislyn Simpson-Kane

Ceci Buckingham

Emma Davis

Nora Liotta

Kayalani Mullen


**Boys Under 12**

1. Chase Andersen

2. Keanu Taylor

3. Ty Simpson-Kane

4. Levi Young

5. Gabriel Girardin

6. Kanoa Kaiwi


**Boys Under 10**

1. Cash Berzolla

2. Roran Mullen

3. Rafi Neri

4. Stevie Roberson

5. Christen Simpson-Kane

6. Eric Roberson



Jarred Gifford

Colton Luke

Spencer Holt

Seth Thompson


*Photos: Nick Riccca and Cuda*