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Vissla Made For T&C Surf

 Vissla is honored to collaborate with legendary Hawaiian surf brand, Town & Country, on a collection of goods and custom boards to celebrate 50 years of creating and innovating.

 Generations have witnessed T&C unite some of the best craftsmen and surfers, notorious for pushing the limits of their boards in proper Hawaiian juice. As boards began to evolve, so too did the surfing by the T&C team – Larry Bertlemann, Dane Kealoha, Martin Potter, to name a few. We celebrate their path to push the limits of the ordinary into a realm of unimaginable radicalness.  


 The story…  

 It’s 1971 in Oah'u, Hawai'i. There are world-class waves spanning from Ala Moana Bowls in the South and Banzai Pipeline in the North. Two established communities are thriving in separate sides of the island – Town & Country. Pearl City surfboard shaper, Craig Sugihara, sought to unify these circles, and thus, developed T&C.  

 Flash-forward 50 years – T&C is now one of the most iconic Hawaiian surf companies of our time. Renown as one of the most revolutionary brands in the world of surf, T&C have never been shy of pushing the boundaries of design and technology. Their surfboards have changed the way we see color interact with board design, and their team has changed the way we surf.  

 T&C has always been driven by pure stoke for surfing and the Aloha to share the experience and lifestyle. How have they remained so true to their roots? Balance, as indicated by the quintessential Yin Yang logo. This balance is defined, and continues to define, the evolution of T&C Surf.

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 *Filmed & Edited by Brian Elliott & Ricky-Thomas Serikawa*

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