What's In The Bag? | Jeremiah Klein – Vissla AU
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What's In The Bag? | Jeremiah Klein


Ever wonder what the surf photographer's dream kit looks like? Look no further, Creator & Innovator Jeremiah Klein gave our nosey butts a peek inside what lives inside the pelican case he takes from one remote tropical location to the next.


**600mm** – This is the ultimate tight action lens. Bought it in the year 2000 and it still works like a charm after all this time.


**Tapatio** – Some of the places we travel to has epic waves but sorry hot sauce. It's always good to bring your own heat when traveling abroad.


**Yashica T4** – Film's not dead and this little beauty is perfect for documenting those candid loose moments of the crew. People are less intimidated with a small point and shoot than a big digital SLR which translates into gold.


**5d mark 3** – This is my bread and butter camera that can do it all. I shoot 99% of my portraits and lifestyle on this bad boy.


**50mm** – The sexy 50 is the perfect companion to any camera. It's great for action from the water, line-ups from the land and intimate portraits of your homies. This lens has a lot of chill.


**Scale** – If you don't want extra airline baggage fees bring a hand scale. This $12 investment has saved me time and money at the airports. It's hard to leave home without it.